Webinar Series (1)

SPADE Open Call #1 – Technical Webinars

SPADE EU Project Open call webinar series has concluded successfully! 

After insightful discussions and engaging sessions, we have wrapped up the webinar series of our first Open Call towards drone technology for revolutionising agriculture, livestock, and forestry. From exploring innovative solutions to addressing the different challenges and use cases of the Open Call, we have paved the way for exploring innovative solutions and groundbreaking technologies in these fields. 

A huge THANK YOU to all our partners, participants, and applicants for making this milestone possible!

Please keep updated for any additional updates and opportunities regarding our open call. If you were unable to participate in the webinars you may access them:

  1.   22 February 2024, ”Open Call #1 Overview”: https://youtu.be/hw8m7_j6QKU
  2.  29 February 2024, ”Technical Webinar – Forestry Case Study”: https://youtu.be/kvOjrcl7KCM
  3.  05 March 2024, ” Technical Webinar – Universal Consideration Across Use Cases”: https://youtu.be/BSp1I2Zg0Qk
  4.  07 March 2024, ”Technical Webinar – Open-field Case Study Integration”: https://youtu.be/aWOfjAY3Afw
  5.  12 March 2024, ”Technical Webinar – Livestock Case Study Integration”: https://youtu.be/rqR5bARsXjA

SPADE Technical Workshop on drones

SPADE hosted a technical workshop at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) in Odense, Denmark between 23rd and 24th of February, 2023.

The event brought together SPADE participants with technical expertise around the discussion on drone development. Hands-on sessions included drone design overviews and examples to building their own drone and conducting flight tests both indoors and outdoors.

Participants also had the opportunity to visit the SDU labs and enjoy a dinner at the North Atlantic House restaurant.

A plenary meeting took place with all SPADE partners to discuss general information about the project and other topics such as: drones technical requirements, the types of drones to build and to purchase and dissemination of SPADE outputs.