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The SPADE Participation in Joined Newsletter with ICAERUS and CHAMELEON

SPADE project is pleased to announce its participation in a collaborative newsletter initiative with sister projects ICAERUS and CHAMELEON. The joint newsletter will serve as a platform to introduce the three projects, fostering knowledge exchange and strengthening ties within the scientific community.

SPADE, ICAERUS, and CHAMELEON, while distinct in their specific areas of focus, share a common goal of integrating drones as a multi-purpose solution for agricultural, forestry and livestock use cases. This joint newsletter initiative presents a valuable opportunity to leverage the collective expertise and progress achieved by each project, ultimately accelerating progress in the specific fields.

The special issue of the newsletter is expected to be released on the 22nd of July 2024.
Stay tuned for further announcements! 

MWC 2024 (2)

SPADE participated at Transport Research Arena (TRA) 2024 Conference

In a Transport Research Arena (TRA) 2024 event held at the Royal Dublin Society in Dublin, SPADE, on behalf of Anssi Rauhala from University of Oulu, presented an oral communication  titled “The Governance and Regulations of Unmanned Aircraft Systems in the European Union – A Comparative Framework,” captivating audiences with early insights from the SPADE project.

The SPADE project’s participation at TRA 2024 underscored its dedication to cutting-edge research and highlighted the vital importance of navigating the evolving realm of unmanned aerial technology within the EU’s regulatory framework. With an estimated participation of approximately 4000 attendees, TRA 2024 served as a beacon for fostering innovation and collaboration in the transportation sector, offering a platform for researchers, policymakers, and industry leaders to exchange ideas and insights. As the largest European research and technology conference on transport and mobility, TRA 2024 provided an unparalleled opportunity for the SPADE project to contribute to advancements in UAS governance and shape the future of transportation in Europe and beyond.


Webinar Series (1)

SPADE Open Call #1 – Technical Webinars

SPADE EU Project Open call webinar series has concluded successfully! 

After insightful discussions and engaging sessions, we have wrapped up the webinar series of our first Open Call towards drone technology for revolutionising agriculture, livestock, and forestry. From exploring innovative solutions to addressing the different challenges and use cases of the Open Call, we have paved the way for exploring innovative solutions and groundbreaking technologies in these fields. 

A huge THANK YOU to all our partners, participants, and applicants for making this milestone possible!

Please keep updated for any additional updates and opportunities regarding our open call. If you were unable to participate in the webinars you may access them:

  1.   22 February 2024, ”Open Call #1 Overview”:
  2.  29 February 2024, ”Technical Webinar – Forestry Case Study”:
  3.  05 March 2024, ” Technical Webinar – Universal Consideration Across Use Cases”:
  4.  07 March 2024, ”Technical Webinar – Open-field Case Study Integration”:
  5.  12 March 2024, ”Technical Webinar – Livestock Case Study Integration”:
MWC 2024

SPADE at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024

SPADE at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024

MWC is the largest event for the connectivity ecosystem. 2024 edition brought together global mobile operators, device manufacturers, technology providers, vendors, content owners and enthusiasts in the future of technology.

SPADE, represented by María Elena Martínez Hernández and Alberto Sierra Bañon from SPLORO introduced our project during the event. Our presence at MWC Barcelona 2024 provided us with a valuable opportunity to showcase the SPADE project to a diverse and extensive audience. By actively promoting SPADE’s Open Call #1 during the event, we laid the groundwork to attract potential applicants.