BCO Network sessions: an opportunity for knowledge exchange

The European BCO Network is an EU funded project that connects national and regional public authorities responsible for broadband deployment across EU Member States. This initiative organizes regular closed online knowledge exchange and capacity-building sessions that delve into a variety of connectivity-related topics.

In the last session, on October 17th 2023, the BCO Network featured two presentations on Horizon-funded pilot projects focusing on smart farming. SPADE, on behalf of Aristotelis C. Tagarakis, showcased its versatile physical-cyber agri-forest drone ecosystem designed for governance and environmental observation. On the other hand, our sister project, Chameleon, presented its holistic approach to sustainable, digital EU agriculture, forestry, livestock, and rural development, utilizing reconfigurable aerial enablers and on-demand edge artificial intelligence systems. Together with the project presenters, the potential of 5G technology to further enhance these two groundbreaking projects was explored.

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