SPADE, CHAMELEON and ICAERUS at MDPI’s “Drones for Rural Development” Webinar

The deployment of drones has undergone a substantial surge, encompassing a diverse spectrum of functions, ranging from surveillance employing camera technology to the efficient transport of goods to remote locations. While many of these applications find direct alignment with primary sector activities such as agriculture and livestock management, the versatility of these technologies extends to encompass various domains and rural contexts.

On October 9th 2023, Aristotelis C. Tagarakis presented SPADE main goals and activities at a webinar that was conducted as part of MDPI’s “EO&GEO Series: Drones for Rural Development” along with its sister projects ICAERUS and CHAMELEON.

Watch the full recording of the session below and find more information about MDPI upcoming webinars here.

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