SPADE meets ICAEURUS in Mallorca

Under the framework of Horizon 2020 project, PLOTUS, SPADE had the opportunity to perform a cooperation meeting with ICAEURUS, a sister project of SPADE, during their visit to Any Solution facilities and Agricultural Cooperative of Sóller. The meeting took place last 19th May, in Mallorca, Spain.

The main topic behind this visit was the growing digitalization of the Agri-food sector and many relevant stakeholders were present at this event to disclose their knowledge, such as Maria Parets from Agricultural Cooperative of Sóller, Dolores Ordonez and Pierrick Le Guillou from AnySolution and Katerina Kasimati from ICAREUS. During this visit, SPADE had the privilege of introducing the project and its goals. A particular standout was the exploration of use cases related to crop monitoring and crop spraying specifically tailored for terraced crops, allowing to share insights, and assessing the progress made in both Horizon Europe projects. It was truly a remarkable opportunity to exchange perspectives and foster collaboration.

We would like to thank Agriculture Cooperative of Sóller for hosting this meeting.

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